48 Hour Film Challenge

48 Hour Film Challenge 2014 at the BFI Southbank


Well done to all those who took part and completed the challenge this year.  We had 148 films made over the weekend.  Shortlisting has begun and boy, it's tough - so many great films!   More news to follow.

Over the last five years we have run the SCI-FI-LONDON 48hr Film Challenge and have had over 800 films completed, many of which have gone to other film festivals, been broadcast on TV and seen two feature films completed, including MONSTERS by Gareth Edwards.

At the last challenge we had 217 films made in one weekend, with around 3500 people taking part!

To take part in the 2015 challenge, all you need to do is;

Create an account on the 48 Hour Challenge site

Then either,

Register for the 48 Hour Film Challange


Register for the 48 Hour Flash Fiction Challenge


Why should you think about entering?

In 2008, Gareth Edwards took part and won the competition.

Gareth’s debut feature is the multiple award-winning MONSTERS – and the project was green-lit because Vertigo Films saw his winning 48hour short-film right here!  So impressed were they with what he could do with no budget in just 2 days that they decided to develop a feature with him.

Gareth's second feature came out in 2014, it's about a big lizard called GODZILLA!!!  He is now working on ROGUE ONE, a Star Wars film!

But even if you don't win or get projected on a manic career boost, by Monday morning you will have created a new science fiction film... gotta be worth the sleepless nights!

Hope we see you involved.

Louis & the SFL team.