Wattmarck – your Isolation film of the day

WATTMARCK Turn it up – this is all about the sound.  A beautiful film, dark Lovecraftian tale, directed by Lorenz Tröbinger. Hats off to the Music Composer, Johannes Kerschbaummayr. Inventor Karin Steckheim reassembles her band Wattmarck for a final concert, to present her newest synthesizer and the enigmatic sound it produces. The story continues on […]

25.3.2020 – The Replacement

Today’s film is a fabulous short film about the dangers of cloning. Given the current incumbent at the Whitehouse, it seems a bit to close to the bone! We gave this the award for Best Short film in 2018.

22-3-2020 Missing Edge

SCI-FI-LONDON: Isolation Version. A sweetly dark love story at the end of the world. Made in a weekend for the #sfl48hr #sfl2020 #Covid_19   Enjoy!

21-3-2020 Where did they all go?

SCI-FI-LONDON: Isolation Version. Today’s film seems very apt in these weird times. Made in a weekend back in 2018. https://youtu.be/Wdefnvq1Tsw #Covid_19 #sfl48hr #sfl2020

Isolation Vision – a film a day

Strange days ahead of us, so what better way to get through isolation than watch some scifi! We plan to post a movie a day until all-clear, so check back and enjoy the films. Click on the ISOLATION button above to watch the films.

Festival Passes 2020

It has taken us 20 years to finally do a ‘proper’ pass to the festival. Bag your ELITE or HACKER pass to the festival. For the next seven days you can get 20% off, so hurry – offer ends 20 March 2020! Full info here >>>

Festival Poster revealed

Happy to share our poster artwork for this year’s festival. Big thanks to Gabriel Cronauer for the 2020 festival image. A few easter eggs in this one! #sfl2020 #sfl48hr