Cosmic cult classic colourised!

John Carradine is the tall salty stranger in this wonderful 50s scifi movie. The Cosmic Man (1959) tells the tory of an orb that arrives on Earth and seems to have bought a passenger, The Cosmic Man, who is here to… warn us, frighten us or threaten us?   You decide. It is perfect ‘kick back’ […]

Folio Society: Dune Messiah

Always gorgeous, The Folio Society have some new titles coming and following on from their release of DUNE, which coincided with the latest movie version, they are releasing DUNE MESSIAH, Discover the true scope of Frank Herbert’s vision in Dune Messiah, the epic second act in the classic sci-fi saga, presented in a cinematic illustrated […]

The beginning of modern science fiction

Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein (1818) is said to be one of the earliest proper works of science fiction, but one of the most influential publications for the genre, and the thing that really established it in the USA was the pulp magazine. Hugo Gernsback published AMAZING STORIES in 1926 and put the genre on a fine […]

81st WorldCon: Chengdu

SCI-FI-LONDON will be making its way to China for the 81st WorldCon (18-22 October) which takes place in Chengdu, one of China’s megacities. Presenting a selection of short films and a workshop on low-no-budget filmmaking, SCI-fI-LONDON will also be involved in discussions to develop a global collaboration between science fiction film festivals.    More news […]


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