The Best and the Worst of 2012

best and worst.

After a long absence I am slowly trying my way back to the world of movie blogging.

So, what my first subject was going to be about in january was about the best and worst of 2012, of course.

As it’s the best to start with the worst, I shall do that.

For me there were a few films I really was looking forward to in 2012 and Christopher Nolan’s third installment of the Dark Knight series, The Dark Knight Rises was on top of that list.

I walked in to a Leicester Square cinema and was ready to be blown away, just as I was with the previous one. Even more so with Tom Hardy and Joseph Gordon Levitt in the mix. HOWEVER, that did not save this film.. at all.
(remember these are my opinions..which are correct!)

The film was, too long with too much going on. Which would've been a good balance any other day.
There were so many intricate and interesting characters from the DC universe, all squashed into such a small space that they lost all magic they could have contributed.

It was so stressed, and there were so many holes in the plot that I literally walked out of the movie theater with my mouth wide open wondering what the hell happened to Nolan’s vision.

The ending was ridiculous and I didn't care about any of characters, not even Batman. Needless to say that, I was disappointed. Despite all that, I am probably the only one who didn’t hate Bane’s voice. Didn’t really think about before all the jokes.

Another big disappointment was, of course, Prometheus.

Hah, what can one say really, it was weak, weird and most of all so un-alien-ish.

There were a few cool scenes, nicely shot but wow, it really was a big piece of baloney.

Also, I didn’t see the remake of Total Recall so can’t really complain about that one, yet.

To move over to something more positive.

I had three big favourites last year and the first one is Dredd.

I absolutely loved it! It was dark, violent in the coolest way, great cast and incredibly shot.

Karl Urban was just right and just the fact that he didn’t take his helmet or eye fashion away ONCE to show off his face was just awesome.

The second big hit of the year for me was Paranorman. The exquisitely animated film about the boy who could see the dead and saves a whole town from zombies. Funny, great references to classic horror and just so beautifully and originally animated it really did blow me away.

Thirdly, I absolutely loved the time travel thriller Looper. I am a sucker for time travel, but only if it’s made in the right way. As this one was. Just the coolest story, amazing cast, they really nailed it with Levitt and Willis and a great ending.

So that concludes the year of 2012, however I would like to mention a film that got SO much shit during 2012 and was many times nominated to be the worst failure from Disney of all time. John Carter.

I do not understand why people hated it so much. I thought it was fun, adventurous and actually pretty good. The ending was cheesy but Come On, it is Disney, what does people expect?!

Ah well. That’s opinions for ya.

So let’s see what 2013 will bring us.