We recently took a visit to see the hero bricks at an installation on the Southbank - and yes it was super-awesome, like the movie which opens this weekend.

Check out the featurette below.    #legobatmanmovie

lego batman batarang

Facts about The LEGO® Batman Movie installation: Batarang:

• Consists of 35,000 LEGO bricks

• Stands 3 metres tall

• 133:1 scale of a LEGO Minifigure Batarang

• Took 225 man hours to build

• Non-LEGO elements include broken ground effect, smoke and lighting

Bat symbol:

• Consists of 10,000 LEGO bricks making it the largest LEGO Batman Symbol ever

• 100 man hours to build

• The largest ever Batman symbol constructed from LEGO bricks

lego batman

Thanks to Ket at SpiritQuest for the pictures

@scifilondon #sfl17


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