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REALITY CHECK with Alex Fitch

4.23 - Space Odysseys

Celebrating Sci-Fi programming at the BFI and Brighton's Cine-City festival, Alex Fitch talks to writer / actor Graham Duff (Nebulous) about the Cine-City performance of 'They - A sequence of unease' adapted from a surrealist novel by author Kay Dick. Alex also chats to broadcaster and author Matthew Sweet about the new BFI print of '2001 - A Space Odyssey', with an extract from his recent Q and A about the film, featuring Keir Dullea, broadcast 2nd December 2014 on BBC Radio 3. (With thanks to BBC Arts)

More info: www.bbc.co.uk/arts / http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b0144txn



More download formats: archive.org/details/RealityCheckSpaceOdysseys

4.22 - Vampire Academy comic Breaks

Continuing a Q and A recorded at Gosh! Comics, as part of SCI-FI-LONDON 14, Alex Fitch talks to cartoonist Emma Vieceli about illustrating the comic book adaptations of the first three Vampire Academy books by Richelle Mead. Emma also discusses her new webcomic Breaks and forthcoming work on the Alex Rider graphic novel range.

More info at: www.penquin.com/vampireacademy / www.breakscomic.com

Interlude - (Post-apocalyptic) Manga Shakespeare

In an extract from a Q&A recorded at a SCI-FI-LONDON 14 event in Gosh! Comics, Alex Fitch talks to cartoonist Emma Vieceli about her work on SelfMadeHero’s Manga Shakespeare line, drawing adaptations of a cyberpunk / post-apocalyptic Hamlet, and 19th Century Much ado about nothing. Also, in an interview (translated by Alex Spiro) recorded at ELCAF French cartoonist Anne Simon discusses her graphic novel biographies of Karl Marx and Sigmund Freud, published in English by Nobrow.

More info: www.emmavieceli.com / www.nobrow.net

4.21 - John dies at the End of the Quest for the Game Child

Alex Fitch talks to director Don Coscarelli about his new film John Dies at the End, a slacker-apocalypse comedy with guest appearances by Paul Giamatti, Doug Jones and Clancy Brown. Also, in a Q and A recorded ate last year's SCI-FI-LONDON, youtube phenomenon Stuart Ashen and director Riyad Barmania discuss their movie Ashens and the Quest for the Game Child.

Download mp3 here: www.archive.org/reality_check_john_dies_game_child (More info: www.johndies.com / www.youtube.com/user/ashens)

4.20 - Lawrence Miles

In the third of our trio of Doctor Who podcasts, Andrew Hickey talks to Lawrence Miles about his work, including his novels Christmas on a Rational Planet and Alien Bodies, plus his Faction Paradox series. Andrew and Lawrence also discuss the latter's unrealised plans for the nature of 'The Enemy' in the BBC Books Time War, the vaguaries of cover design and how his first book was nearly lost down the back of a cupboard!

(More info: Beasthouse Blog / The Mindless Ones blog)

Interlude: Novelizing Doctor Who

Alex Fitch talks to five novelists who have written books and monologues based on all eras of Doctor Who: Jenny Colgan, Paul Cornell, Tommy Donbavand, Marc Platt, and script editor (1970-1974) Terrance Dicks.
(Part recorded at SCI-FI-LONDON 12)

Interlude: Doctor Who and the Graphic Novels

Alex Fitch looks at Doctor Who comic strips in the 50th anniversary week of the TV show. In a panel discussion recorded at SCI-FI-LONDON, artists Adrian Salmon and Mark Buckingham plus writers Scott Gray and Andrew Cartmel (also the TV script editor from 1987-1989) discuss the various adventures of the Doctor in sequential art, including the ‘wilderness years’ when the show was off air in the 1990s and comics were the only continuing visual adventures of the Time Lord. Recorded May 2013 in front of a live audience at SCI-FI-LONDON, Stratford Picture House.

(More info: Doctor Who comics website - www.alteredvistas.co.uk)

4.19 - Of Gods and Men

In this edition we hear how ancient gods have been brought to modern audiences. First we speak to Indian author Amish about his Shiva trilogy, which retells the story of Hinduism's god of destruction in a different light, as a man becoming a god. Amish's Shiva trilogy is out now from Jo Fletcher Books and available from all good book sellers. The first part, The Immortals of Meluha, is available for Kindle from Amazon for 69p.

This is followed by excerpts from the recent press conference with the cast and crew of Thor: The Dark World, which sees the Norse god of Thunder fighting ancient dark forces, and the underworld that is London's tube system. Thor: The Dark World is in cinemas now.

4.18 - Vanishing Brightness

To coincide with this week's Oktoberfest, we have a pair of Q&As from the Spring SCI-FI-LONDON festival, in which Alex Fitch talks to the directors of a couple of the more cerebral SF films that screened at the Stratford Picturehouse. Kristina Buozyte discusses her erotic techno thriller Vanishing Waves in which a scientist travels into the mind of a coma patient to try and revive her consciousness. Also Shazad Darwood talks about his feature film Piercing Brightness where cultures and alien encounters collide in an elliptical film shot on the streets of Preston, Lancashire.

(More info at http://piercingbrightness.tumblr.com / http://vanishingwavesfilm.com)

Interlude: Alt. Histories

Alex Fitch looks at the science-fiction sub genre of Alt. History, talking to three novelists about their works in the sub-genre: Charles Stross discusses his parallel worlds series Merchant Princes plus his collaboration with Cory Doctorow on Rapture of the nerds; Max Brooks talks about his popular zombie epic World War Z and spin-off titles; and Ken MacLeod discusses his novella The Human Front and novel Intrusion. (More info: www.antipope.org/charlie / www.maxbrooks.com / www.kenmacleod.blogspot.co.uk)