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REALITY CHECK with Alex Fitch

2.08 - Red Dwarf / Robot Zoo

In a special Easter episode looking at ways you can entertain kids and adults alike over the Bank Holiday, Alex Fitch talks to Craig Charles about playing Dave Lister again after a ten year hiatus in the new Red Dwarf mini-series Back to Earth. Alex also talks to Jo Hatton, keeper of the Robot Zoo at the Horniman Museum in Forest Hill which presents a collection of robotic and animatronic animals to the public and mixes education with the feel of a traveling carnival.

(For more info about Red Dwarf: Back to Earth please visit http://dave.uktv.co.uk and for more info about The Robot Zoo, please visit www.horniman.ac.uk...

We also have a a transcript online of Alex's interview with Craig)

2.07 - Have you heard the one about the vampire, the ghost and the werewolf...?

Alex Fitch talks to Toby Whithouse, writer of BBC3's excellent horror / dramedy series Being Human about his writing and acting career, the slow process of turning an ordinary series about a flatshare into a supernatural drama and writing the episode of Doctor Who (School Reunion) which brought back Sarah Jane Smith and K-9 to the series...

(For more info about Being Human please visit www.bbc.co.uk/beinghuman)

2.06 - The Invisible art of acting on radio

Alex Fitch talks to actor Rupert Degas about his various roles in genre radio and audio dramas such as playing David Warner's sidekick "Rizla" in the BBC7 adaptation of Robert Rankin's The Brightonomicon and playing the father of a cyrogenically preserved child in Kim Newman's Cry-Babies which was recently broadcast on Radio 4. Alex and Rupert also talk about his roles in Dan Dare, Dirk Gently and The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy plus his uncredited role voicing the devil in Exorcist: The Beginning...

(For more info about BBC radio's SF season, and for more podcasts about The Brightonomicon)

2.05 - State of the Art adaptation

Alex Fitch talks to writer Paul Cornell about dramatising Iain M Banks' novella "The state of the Art" for the afternoon play on Radio 4 with a cast including such luminaries as Anthony Sher and Patterson Joseph... Alex and Paul also discuss the author's adaptations of his own work - novelising the internet cartoon Doctor Who: Scream of the Shalka and conversely dramatising his novel Doctor Who: Human Nature for TV.

(For more info about BBC radio's SF season, please click here and for Paul's blog, please click here)

2.04: Being Bruce Campbell

Alex Fitch talks to legendary 'B'-movie actor Bruce Campbell about his new film My Name is Bruce which features the actor directing, producing and playing a fictionalised version of himself on screen. My name is Bruce sees Campbell kidnapped by a fan and taken to the small town of Gold Lick, Oregon (pop. 333) to save the locals from an ancient Chinese demon prefaced by his own country and western musical numbers... Alex and Bruce also talk about the actor's career so far, appearing in memorable films by Sam Raimi such as The Evil Dead and Spider-man, his directorial debut Man with the Screaming Brain and his experience of dealing with fandom over the years...

(For more info about all things Bruce please visit http://www.bruce-campbell.com)

2.03 - Michael Winterbottom's Code 46

During a special Architecture foundation screening of Code 46 at the Barbican centre, Alex Fitch caught up with director Michael Winterbottom in the foyer of the cinema and discussed issues of British Science Fiction, unreliable narrators and the importance of location in Sci-Fi films. Alex and Michael also look at issues of psychogeography, breaking the fourth wall in 24 hour party people and A cock and bull story and why Spielberg’s Minority Report (which also starred Samantha Morton) was an interesting attempt to make realistic SF...

(with thanks to the Barbican and the Architecture Foundation - next screening: Los Angeles plays itself on 21st Jan 2009. Originally broadcast 11/12/08 on Resonance FM)

2.02 - Life during Wartime

Alex Fitch introduces a pair of interviews about modern Science-Fiction takes on warfare which have a classical, yet prescient feel to them: Duncan Nott talks to Garth Ennis about working on the new Virgin Comics version of the classic British sci-fi comic strip Dan Dare which sees Dare called out of retirement as Britain and Earth enter new hostilities with the Mekon due to a corrupt Prime Minister running the country. Also, Tripwire Magazine editor Joel Meadows presents and takes part in a brief press conference with actor Michael Hogan about playing the long suffering character Colonel Tigh in the 21st century reimagining of Battlestar Galactica, which is about to return to our screens shortly for the second half of its final season. (with thanks to the MCM Expo for their help arranging this recording)

(More info at www.scifi.com/battlestar/ and www.2000ad.nu/spacefleet/virgin)

2.01 - Genre (crossing) directors, Autumn '08

To kick off the second series of our fortnightly podcasts, it's the second of our twice yearly looks at directors who mix a variety of genres in their work with intriguing results. Chris Patmore talks to Tarsem Singh, director of The Cell, about The Fall, his stylish homage to silent movies which combines elements of Wuxia, cowboy films and the Arabian nights to dazzling effect... Also, Alex Fitch talks to Paul W.S. Anderson about his reimagining of Roger Corman's Death Race which sees the original satirical road race relocated to a futristic prison yard.

(More info at www.thefallthemovie.com and http://www.deathracemovie.net + read a transcript of the Anderson interview at www.electricsheepmagazine.co.uk)

1.26 - John Reppion's Haunted Liverpool

Alex Fitch talks to author John Reppion, about his book 800 years of Haunted Liverpool and the many issues it raises. Alex and John talk about the nature of hauntings, the variety of other phantasms seen in Merseyside from Witches to Mermaids and the phenomenon of "Time Slips" observed in various parts of the city.

(more info at www.thehistorypress.co.uk and http://moorereppion.blogspot.com)

1.25 - The Truth is (still) out there

Alex Fitch talks to the creators of two new science-fiction dramas that deal with issues of body augmentation, morality, religion and new technology: first, we have writer / director Chris Carter and producer Frank Spotnitz on their new film The X-Files: I want to believe.

(Interview recorded by Oli Smith)

Secondly we have an interview with Rachel Welch, the writer of the new play Involution, which is set in the near future and deals with human rights and themes of identity in a post-genome world. Involution is on at The Pleasance Theatre in Edinburgh every day at noon from 31/07/08 to 25/08/08...

(more info at http://www.xfiles.com and www.pleasancepages.co.uk)