shazam - captain marvel

Just say the word “Shazam”

Maybe, just maybe… DC have learnt a few things from Marvel.  Check out the fab trailer for SHAZAM

ANT MAN, DEADPOOL… funny right?   Great action heroes indeed, but we love them because they have charm, wit and little or no respect for authority.

So how do DC compete with that?  Simple – turn a teenager into a superhero.   Yup, kind of a BIG meets ANTMAN mashup and you have a reworking of the classic hero, SHAZAM… and let’s not mention he is really called Captain MARVEL right!

If the film can keep the same level of fun as the trailer, this promises to be a lot of fun.  We loved the original comic, some on the team here are old enough to remember is starting and running around in school yelling “shazam” whenever we could.