In a dystopian future, a cure for Alzheimer’s has given rise to technology that enables near-perfect brainwashing and memory editing.

Two contract killers, Ge and Song, carry out daily executions for the organisation. Ge has become a deeply troubled man, sustaining nightmares and flashes of suppressed memory. On their next assignment, Ge’s flashbacks aren’t ones he recognises; it seems that someone is manipulating his memory and their latest target is someone important from his past. The assassins must infiltrate the Brain Science Corporation to find out the truth.

Stars: Kejun Liu, Ziyi Wang


Director: Chi Zhang
Country: China
Year: 2021
Runtime: 98 mins
Language: Chinese (English subtitles).

Picture a Hong-Kong style action mash-up of Blade Runner and Memento – Zhang’s film is a futuristic, dystopian love letter to cyberpunk. A big step forward for Chinese sci-fi cinema.

SUN 22 MAY – 5.40PM