The Curse Of Poltergeist And The Omen

There are a few films that have had a massive amount of bad luck, accidents and death connected to them.

But not so many which happens to be about something supernatural.

Between 1982 and 1988 four of the crew members of The Poltergeist trilogy died, which sparked the rumour of a curse, which still entice people.

In 1982, Dominique Dunne, who played the eldest daughter in Poltergeist, had a brawl with her abusive boyfriend and ended the relationship. A little while after the boyfriend, very upset, searched out Dominique on the set of V where she was shooting, had an argument which ended with him strangling her. She was only 22 years old.

Three years later, Julian Beck, who portrayed Kane in the sequel, died from stomach cancer at the age of 60.

From the same film, Will Sampson, (who I always remember best from One Flew Over The Cuckoo's nest) who played the medicine man, also died early. In 1987, 53 year old Sampson had heart and lung replacement surgery which led to kidney failure and malnutrition which caused his death.

The year after, Heather O'Rourke, the main character of all the three installments, died from what initially was diagnosed as influenza. However that was changed to Septic Shock and Acute bowel obstruction. At the mere age of 12, Heather became the fourth victim of the alleged curse.

Yet, the curse might not have stopped there. Four years ago Lou Perryman, the man who played Pugsley in part one, got murdered in his home, by a man who, for no apparent reason, wandered drunkenly to the home of Perryman and killed him with an axe.

Despite the fact that all these incidents could most certainly be just coincidences and tragic events, a curse will always be a more popular theory. And this one has been active now for 30 years.

The events surrounding The Omen, which ignited the rumour of a curse, are even more disturbing than the Poltergeist one. Star Gregory Peck and the Screenwriter David Seltzer took two different planes in to the UK, and both planes were struck by lightning. And if that wasn't enough, Executive producer Mace Neufelds' plane from Rome was almost struck by lightning as well.

Director Richard Donner was even more unlucky, the hotel where he was staying was bombed by the IRA and he was also struck by a car.

Gregory Peck was almost the most unfortunate one when the plane he initially charted to Israel crashed, killed everyone onboard.. Peck had just before cancelled his seat. In the Omen, Peck's character eventually have to kill his own son. In real life, Peck's son had just committed suicide, only months before the shooting started.

Numerous members of the crew where in a car crash one day and special effects artist John Richardson were injured in an accident on the set of 'A Bridge too Far' and his girlfriend, during the same accident, was beheaded. And rumour has it that when Richardson crawled out from the wreck he saw a road sign: Ommen, 66.6km

So yeah, there were several incidents, horrible and eerie and a wee bit too many incidents to be just coincidental. so maybe just really unlucky, or maybe cursed..