24 Hour Flash Fiction Challenge

SCI-FI-LONDON and UrbanFantasist.com are setting you an exciting new challenge during the festival: a 24 hour flash fiction competition on a sci-fi or fantasy them

Sound of My Voice

A journalist and his girlfriend get pulled in while they investigate a cult whose leader claims to be from the future.

To the Cinema and Beyond!

Ever wanted to make your own sci-fi film but thought it was only possible with a massive budget? Well, think again.

Trek Nation

NEWS: We have confirmed that Rod Roddenberry will do a Q&A after the movie via Skype!

Director's Guild of GB Networking event

We are delighted to host a networking event for the Guild at the Apollo. We hope that some of the sci-fi atmosphere will rub off and a few new sci-fi movies will get pitched over a glass or two.


The film follows Alice, one of a growing number of people who believe that the city is a maze wherein exists a door, a hidden exit to a better place.


Notorious, fun and very lively.

The annual in-cinema pub quiz will test the most knowledgable fan.

Gulliver's Travels

Our youth programming team (aged 3, 6 and 8.5) has selected Fleischer’s beautifully 1938 animated version of GULLIVER’S TRAVELS.

Memory Lane

Nick is just back from the war and, like so many of his comrades, life isn’t going so well for him, until he meets Kayla. They start a relationship which blossoms until Kayla seemingly commits suicide in the bath.


Imagine if every time you fell asleep you woke up in a different place and time in your life. That's what is happening to Lovell Milo, and he is trying to make sense of it, especially when random people start giving him instructions. What is it he has to pay attention to? Whose life does he have to save?