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Come listen to that bloke what wrote this book, get your copy signed or pitch another game idea. Either way, it's a priviledge to have him with us for Saturday 4th Nov.

After rashly tweeting he would dream up an imaginary computer game for every 'like' received, Nate Crowley found himself on an epic quest to conjure up hundreds of entirely fictional titles.

From 1980s hits like BeastEnders to modern classics like 90s Goth Soccer and BinCrab Destiny, this beautiful retrospective takes the reader on a lavish tour of the most memorable and groundbreaking games never made.

Brought to hilarious life by a team of genuine videogame industry concept artists and written by a professional over-imaginer, this book doesn't just throw out silly ideas - it expands on them in relentless, excruciating detail.

You can find him as @Frogcroakley on twitter.



We will start things off with some old books, DVDs, games and other 'stuff' lying around the office and our homes.   If you want to add your stuff to the pile - just bring it along.

Anyone remember 'Swap Shop' on TV?

Sunday 5th - 1.00 - 5.00pm

Come play! - Join us and make some art using old electronics and other stuff we find in skips!

The Cyber Art of Vincent C. J. Jö - Nés has been exhibited at Tate Modern, the Art Institute of Chicago, Harrods of London and many others around the world. Vince's work has even been into outer space with Astronaut Mae Jemison in 1992 aboard the NASA Space Shuttle Endeavour!

'The Art of Recycling Technology' or 'An Archaeological Dig Into the History of the Future' matched Vince's technical expertise and artistic creativity and have led him to develop an evolving curriculum of innovative creativity workshops that encourage students to ‘Bridge the Gaps Between Art & Science’

We will have the glue guns, the paint, the junk - you just need to bring your brain!


What's the most famous interaction in entertainment history? Thumbs up/down in the gladiator area!

Set in the slums of a future megacity, GAME SHOW is an online fight show. The show's cynical hyper-rich audience use their smartphones to decide (Gladiator style) if losing fighters live or die.

Now you get to play GAMESHOW as action movie AND a dark social game. As part of the audience, you decide whether losing fighters live or die. And ultimately whether the hero kills - or gets killed. In the cinema you watch several fights and along the way make choices by shouting "MERCY" or "JUSTICE" Whichever side is the most passionate wins.

Vulgar? Immoral? Absolutely! But perhaps the hero of the film has sworn to destroy the show and kill its creator? Join us for an exclusive premiere of this new interactive cinema event.

Think Fight Club meets American Idol. And depending on your choices, the villain could be you, the viewer.


Good news! We're pleased to announce that Simon Burley is coming to EXPeriment! Simon is best known for creating and co-authoring Britain's first Superhero RPG - Golden Heroes (Games Workshop 1984) - which pioneered many of the rules RPG players now take for granted.

Since then Simon has been active in the hobby as player, referee, writer, editor, publisher, mentor, convention organiser and advocate.

He has written and published a wide portfolio of games - Squadron UK, Squadron: X, The Comics Code, The Code of the Spacelanes, The Code of Steam and Steel and The Super Hack.

He is also known for visiting and refereeing games at more RPG conventions than anyone else in the country and has published a convention guide based upon these visits - Conventional Thinking Volumes 1&2. Simons' big project for 2017 is visiting genre conventions other than those dedicated to gaming. Science Fiction, Anime, Comic, TV conventions.

He is spreading the good news of the wonderful hobby of tabletop Roleplaying through short, fun, demonstration games in a range of genres using his "Choose Your Advenure" set-up.

So if you've never played a tabletop RPG before - and want to find out what it's all about - or you're just looking for a fun game with an expert referee, just rock up to Simon's table and choose one. Swords & Sorcery, Dungeons and Dragons, Superheroes, SteamPunk, SciFi, Star Wars, Dr Who, Firefly or Gothic Horror. You name it and Simon's got an Adventure waiting for you. 12:00 – 21:00 Saturday 4th November.

Friday thru Sunday

We'll be running demos of Last One In on all three days.

Last One In is a zombie survival card game where you play as both civilians and zombies, you are trying to rescue civilians while at the same time flood your opponents town with zombies.

The game has 5 formats of play, typically when demoing the game we run through the quick play format which is saving 35 civilians and trying to make your opponent lose by giving them 70 zombies.

Its quick and easy to learn, and fun to play!

Friday thru Sunday

Evil Corp is an upcoming boardgame pitting CEO against CEO in an epic battle of Evil Plans.  It has such a cool looking style we think!

Play as one of 6 archetypes intent on world domination at any cost. Whether you play the Visionary with dreams of escaping to Mars, or the Utopian, intent on returning the Earth to an eden-like state, each Archetype has a vision that they will stop at nothing to realise. A bit like the real world.

As you progress through the game you are focused on achieving your goal through acquiring an R&D Lab, achieving a critical Breakthrough, and finally launching your Killer App.

Evil Corp is an inherently competitive game, but there are moments when you need to collaborate. For example when an enemy is about to launch their Evil Plan, you can pool your resources to foil them at the last minute.

Come test drive the game and feed back to the designers.



  • Want to learn to duel with Light Sabers? Esaam Rayn with his student, Adele Anderson, will show you how!

  • DJ Mermaid will spin some very SF tunes

  • The Life of a film extra - find out about background artistry in Star Wars and more

  • Mobile VR apps including exclusive GLITCH IN THE MACHINE app

  • See the future of AR and MxR in MICROSOFT HOLOLENS

  • Low/no budget science fiction filmmaking lecture by Louis Savy, our festival director!

  • The best sci-fi short films from SCI-FI-LONDON

  • Geek Stand-up Comedy with Richard Sandling's PERFECT MOVIE

  • Live music from Intelligentsia and HowlRound

  • Try out some unreleased games LAST ONE IN and EVIL CORP

  • Want to go to Mars? Find out about a new simulator STARRSHIP (sat 4th)

  • All ticket holders receive a free membership to EXP

Check out the films below... much more news to follow...



Twelve years ago, a plague wiped out most of the world's population; in San Francisco, only 186 people remain. Two of them make a documentary and show the youth growing up with different values from those who knew our world. "A fascinating record of remembrance and reconstruction" The New York Times



Robert Kenner is a Peckham Postie who was hit by a meteor. Six years later he has developed super powers and is working with the MOD as their ‘not so secret weapon’ – at least that’s what the jealous US government thinks.

How dare the world’s only real superman be British? And he is very British… whilst he can fly, has heat vision and is indestructible, he is very apologetic and not at all comfortable with the attention. One Tuesday, his officially sanctioned day off, Bob plans a date, his first for many years. Will he find love? Will he find himself? And what does Peckham really think about him?

We love this movie, we love you Bob!


The first ever Ethiopian post-apocalyptic surreal sci-fi feature length film

A 'superman' hero embarks on an epic journey that will take him across the Ethiopian landscape in search of a way to get on the hovering spacecraft that for years has become a landmark in the skies.

ICYMI, we curated a clip from this film at the Barbican's Into The Unknown exhibtion.  

It is remarkable cinema and one you have to see.



EXP has been described as a “hidden gem”, it’s certainly off the beaten track.

Nearby rail lines are well connected to the whole of London, the South East of England and even further afield. The venue is a short walk (10-15 minutes) along the Lee riverside from two stations, Hackney Wick (London Overground) and Pudding Mill Lane (DLR).

You might prefer to walk across the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park – 20 minutes from the stations at Stratford International and Stratford Underground lines. 

Bus routes 276, 339 and 488 reach the end of Dace Road - a three minute walk away.

EXP: SWAN WHARF 60 Dace Rd London E3 2NN UK


Click the map to visit gOOgle..

Sorry but it's an old building and lots of stairs and no lift :(



3 DAY PASS - £28


** KIDS GO FREE (Under 16) - Student tickets also available