#HACKSTOCK - Beyond 2017


#Hackstock was born out of Digital Shoreditch to celebrate the 'HACKERS' film in 2015. It was the worlds first live VR music experience bringing together communities from VR, 3D printing and other various immersive arts. It partnered with SCI-FI-LONDON in 2016 to bring in different communities to embrace what science fiction and psychedelia can bring to new technologies.

2017 marks the 50th anniversary of a key counterculture moment 'A gathering of the Tribes for a Human Be-in' where Timothy Leary in his first San Francisco appearance, set the tone that afternoon with his famous phrase “Turn on, tune in, drop out”. Our tag line for 2017 is #resistance and #beyond as a reaction to what's happening with Brexit and Trump's America, our aim is to be inclusive of all peoples, groups and communities.

Unlike other conferences and talks we do not want a controlled debate, we encourage children and members of the public to steer discussions and make the conversations open and fluid. With discussions around Elon Musk, Star Trek, Westworld or Phillip K Dick's alternative realities – we are starting to question 'what is reality?'.

You will see the various existing communities and hopefully think “wow, I can go make and/or share stuff” to be part of the future. Just like in the film WARRIORS; we want you to 'come out and play'.

#hackstock beyond



Screening Times

10:30am - Fri, 5th May 2017
The Trampery
10:30am - Sat, 6th May 2017
The Trampery

#hackstock takes place at The Trampery on Old St

Supported by

  • Ravensbourne
  • PsychFi
  • Vivid Drinks