Film Listing

Feature Films

  • Defective

    A new corporation, the S.E.A. have been set up to trial a new type of police in North America.

    Director: Reese Eveneshen


  • chimera, ian cusick, sci-fi-london


    Our opening night film stars Henry Ian Cusick  (Lost, The 100).   

    Director: Maurice Haaems


  • nothing really happens movie sci-fi-london

    Nothing Really Happens

    You’re having having a conversation with someone... and neither of you cares... know that feeling?

    Director: Justin Petty


  • cygnus movie sci-fi-london


    Fabián, is an astronomer on a quest to discover the nature of an unknown object near the Cygnus constellation 30,000 light years from Earth.  

    Director: Hugo Félix Mercado


  • Hidden Reserves - sci-fi-london film festival

    Hidden Reserves

    The corporation sells ‘death insurance’.

    Director: Valentin Hitz


  • violentia movie sci-fi-london


    Adam Anderson is a nano-tech engineer who has found a way to interact with our memories.

    Director: Ray Raghavan


  • hostile movie, sci-fi-london 18


    A global disaster and epidemic has left a barren world with strange creatures that hunt at night.

    Director: Mathieu Turi


  • closer than we think movie sci-fi-london

    Closer than we think

    Predicting the future is very difficult.  We might be able to forecast how a trend will develop, but individual products?  Much harder.

    Director: Brett Ryan Bonowicz


  • katrinas dream world premier sci-fi-london

    Katrina's Dream

    Katrina wants a child but her boyfriend Louis doesn’t.  

    Director: Mirko Bischofberger, Dario Bichofberger


  • bloggers sci-fi-london


    The year is 2078 and the Earth’s energy sources are exhausted. Nuclear and renewables can’t cope with demand.  

    Director: Angel M. Chivite, Alberto Estévezr


  • the astronauts' bodies

    The Astronauts' Bodies

    They say twins can sometimes experience each other’s emotions and in a dysfunctional family this surely can’t be a good thing.

    Director: Alisa Berger


  • peaches sci-fi-london


    If time is truly linear and we can’t go back, don’t we just have to remember the good times?

    Director: Héctor M. Valdez

    Dominican Republic

  • the outer wild movie chidel sci-fi-london world premiere

    The Outer Wild

    The apocalypse came and went, the survivors are few and far between.

    Director: Philip Chidel


  • CENSOR moive sci-fi-london


    Virtual reality, so real it’s indistinguishable from real life. Zombies, Nazis, Knights in armour - the game has it all.  

    Director: Konstantin Shelepov


  • Word from a Gamer

    Have you played Dungeons and Dragons,  Catan, Magic The Gathering or any of the myriad other tabletop games?  If the answer is yes you’ll love the warmth and testimony in this film.

    Director: Steve Wollett


  • precognition


    Ripe technologies are a pseudo-governmental organisation which appear to be trying to create a safer and fairer world with new implant technology.

    Director: Luke Tedder


  • the gateway sci-fi-london

    The Gateway

    Jane is a particle physicist working on the fringe, trying to create a teleportation device “you know, like in Star Trek” as she says.

    Director: John V.Soto


  • division 19 movie susie halewood scifilondon

    Division 19

    Reality television has done it all hasn’t it?  Our news is impartial, right? Goverment works for us?

    Director: S.A. Halewood


Special Events

  • 48 Hour Challenge Awards

    Back in 2008 when Gareth Edwards (GODZILLA, STAR WARS: ROGUE ONE) won, we had around 50 teams take part in the film challenge.  This year over 300 teams entered! 

  • michael capzzola

    The SFL Charity Pub Quiz

    Think you know your Alphas from your Zardoz?   

  • #HACKSTOCK: May the Fourth

    Join us for the HoloLens world premiere of LoopSpace, a free social holographic mixed reality experience platform. 

  • SCI-FIDO Dog Show

    It’s not all serious dystopias and paranoia at the festival, Dogstar PHOTOS present our cosplay for dogs! In aid of the amazing charity, ALL DOGS MATTER. 

  • The Mads - Live Riff Show

    Before Beavis & Butthead did it, talking over crappy video, or riffing as it is known, was pioneered by an American comedy show called Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K).

  • Frankenstein All-Dayer

    200 years ago, the gothic science fiction novel, Frankenst

Blink of an Eye