#HACKSTOCK: May the Fourth

Join us for the HoloLens world premiere of LoopSpace, a free social holographic mixed reality experience platform. 

You can play with VR, meet some telerobots and we’ll even have realtime cosplay holoportation between the Ravensbourne HoloPortal and Stratford Picturehouse.

We’ll be questioning everything with a pop up Talkaoke special, come play with the mixed reality kit and be ready for the future.

Tech can be a gateway to empowerment and information, but a lack of accountability can see its potential turn sour. Brexit and the rise of Donald Trump show just how powerful the spread of unaccountable information can be. More than ever, authenticity is key in earning the trust of users. The ethical burden of developing powerful online mediums should weigh heavy on the shoulders of the technology giants
James E. Marks, Youth Marketing Strategy 2017

Screening Times

1:00pm - Fri, 4th May 2018
Taking place at Stratford Picture House and Ravensbourne College

Free all day event #hackstock