What a year it has been… But even a pandemic can’t stop filmmakers from flexing their creative muscles!

Join Ketan Majmudar (long time SCI-FI-LONDON supporter, filmmaker and voice actor) as he chats with Jaye Adams (indie horror filmmaker) and Sebastien Leibus (first-time filmmaker and Golden Mask winner of Roger Corman’s Lockdown Challenge) who harnessed the weird energy of suddenly being faced with a global lockdown and channelled them into no-budget all out filmmaking challenges.

1.00 PM, SAT 12 DEC 2020

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Jaye Adams is an upcoming UK indie horror filmmaker. She’s been a lifelong fan of the genre and started teaching herself the art of filmmaking 2 years ago. In October last year Jaye wrote, directed and co-produced her first 3 minute proof of concept horror short, which this year won several awards, placed top 20 in Film Riot’s MakeFilm Challenge and selected to stream on Discover.Films platform. Jaye has several projects in the works for 2021 and has recently set up the Indie Horror Hub YouTube channel for indie horror filmmakers to learn, share their films, collaborate and have the best horror specific filmmaking content all in one darkly imaginative place.

t: https://twitter.com/jayeadams89

i: https://www.instagram.com/jayeadams89/


Born in Bordeaux in 1977, study cinema for few years and then move to Paris in 2003. Working for television as a photographer, editing, voice over. Drop off tv in 2012, and then creating “Le Gorafi”, who became number one web satire newspaper in France.  “Unlockdown” is my first movie and when I did i got a lot of movies in my head especially for example “12 monkeys” of Gilliam and the retrofuturist design in some sci-fi movies like City of Lost Children

i: https://instagram.com/meriadeck

YT: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCknltWjqiKSGjKLsYK2a5VQ
Photographer Credit: Alice Santini


An aspiring Indie filmmaker, voice talent and creative entrepreneur. Bringing his 20+ years of tech knowledge, business and creative passion into acting, screenwriting, directing and producing. Currently trying to wrap up his first financed short film, The Writ as a Writer/Director/Producer (delayed due to COVID-19), he will have three short films under his belt, one of which he completed during lockdown, HANDY. With more projects currently in development though his Spirit Quest Productions entity, he will next be producing a psychological drama in collaboration with MarsiFilm. You can find him online and regularly streaming about creative stuff on Twitch.

t: https://twitter.com/ketan

Twitch: https://twitch.tv/voiceofket

i: https://www.instagram.com/stereoket

Spirit Quest Productions on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9VsxjPqCbRQGyhvsAM04lQ