SCI-FI-LONDON Parade Guidelines

DO - Bring water with you, especially if it’s a hot day (and we hope it will be!) The parade will last approximately 2 hours from start to finish, and Sci-Fi-London will only be handing out refreshments to those attending the after party.

Do NOT - Wear a costume that impairs your walking. Although we will be walking slowly along the parade route, please make sure you can walk comfortably in your costume and ensure that loose parts will not cause you or anyone around you to trip. All parts of the route are accessible to those with mobility issues.

DO - Look after your belongings. Unfortunately Sci-Fi-London are unable to provide cloakroom facilities. All belongings brought to the event are the owner’s responsibility. Sci-Fi-London are not responsible for loss or damage to any personal items.

Do NOT - Be rude to event staff. They are there to ensure that you enjoy the parade safely, and that the parade causes no disruption to the general public around the area. If you are requested to move or are specifically directed along the route by Sci-Fi-London staff, please do so accordingly.

DO - Be considerate to those around you. We want this to be a fun experience for everyone. Remember, we are in a public place so please ensure you don’t behave in a way that could upset or offend passing members of the public or other cosplayers.

Do NOT - Forget to bring an umbrella in case it rains – though we hope it to be a sunny day again, keep an eye on the weather, and come prepared! DO - HAVE FUN!!!

Weapons Guidelines:

  • You are allowed to carry props up to a length of 1.5 metres, provided they are made from a lightweight material and all sharp edges have been rounded off. Suggested materials include foam, plastic, rubber or balsa wood.
  • Under no circumstances are cosplayers permitted to bring real weapons to the parade. Anyone found carrying a dangerous item will be removed from the event and the police will be alerted.
  • Please be safe with your weapon or prop. Mock battles or 'play fights' are not allowed during the parade. Please remember that we will be in a public place. Anyone found behaving in a way which endangers themselves or the public will have their weapon confiscated and/or be removed from the event.
  • Plastic toy guns fitted with a coloured ‘Blaze’ tip and unrealistic weapons such as Light guns or sci-fi replica guns are allowed.
  • Realistic replica handguns such as plastic pistols and BB guns are allowed as long as the magazine is shown as empty and battery shown to not be in the gun. Caps, incendiaries or any sort of projectile are not allowed. Magazines and batteries for weapons should be left at home.
  • Finally, remember to be extra vigilant when transporting items to and from the event. Replica weapons should be kept out of sight in a locked box or carry case. YOU are responsible for transporting and looking after your items.