[ FROM 7.00 PM THU 10 TO SUN 13 DEC 2020 ]

Calling all Cyberphreakz! SCI-FI-LONDON & PsychFi will be celebrating A YeaR of Chaos & Cyber Culture at Hackstock VI – 2020 MindF>cK. Supported by Mondo2K History Project.

Hackstock was born in 2015 as a natural antidote to so many corporate events that were all about selling a new wave of Accessible immersive tech without wanting to question the potential outcomes and effects on society.

For 2020, we again deliver an eclectic mix of art and tech cocktails… hold on to your hat and check back for updates on the full free event.


Hack The Planet Remix Celebrating The 25th Anniversary of Hackers

Revenge Of Calculon Live In Cyberspace 12/12


Multi-dimensional Motion Arts
PsychFi Collection


Glitch In The Machine VR

I have seen the last tree. The last tree on Earth. Be amazed & glow with the ‘Flow’.
A DIY cyberdelic pick a path sonic experience.
Music by Krautwerk, lovingly crafted by Boomtown Fair, PsychFi, Freek Pixels, Third Mind, Kaws & SubPac

Technical Information:
Play & Click screen to toggle for a 360 interactive experience without the use of VR viewer kit.
** To experience Virtual Reality you’ll require a VR Ready Smartphone & Google Cardboard

Free Android VR App HERE:

How To Operate Your Mind – Remix 360 

Celebrating The 100th Anniversary of Timothy Leary

A Cyberdelic Homage To Celebrate The 100th Anniversary Of Timothy Leary Cyber crafted with love by Stephen E Dinehart IV, The Original Narrative Designer & PsychFi. Tim’s message of ‘knowledge’ is more important than ever as we move into a world that is both at once more global and more nationalistic. We offer it here to you, the world, to celebrate Tim’s 100th birthday on October 22, 2020, and remember that we remain on the edge of the unfolding of a great paradigm that will alter the very fabric of the collective human soul for all eternity. As Tim states, “Anyone in any culture watching this screen will get the general picture. It’s one global village. It’s one global human spirit, one global human race. As we link up through screens, linked by electrons and photons, we will create for the first time a global humanity, not separated by words or minds or nationalities or religious biases.

Cyberculture has come around again, and Leary’s advice is just as relevant, if not more so, than it ever was. “I think there are two movements which have really dominated the imagination of the 20th century. One is science fiction. The other is Surrealism.” J.G. Ballard, PsychFi Novelist – 1992 Wake Up Calls From The Future Just Say Know! Dedicated To Timothy Leary, The Futique Trust

R.I.S.E. Glitches Brew – Synthesist 40


Hackstock VI – 2020 Mind F>ck
Multi-dimensional Talkaoke

Hosted by Mikey, Margot & Rick

> Hackstock Blast Off!
> GenieMo – Spatial CadetZ
> Sanctum Cyborgia & The Cyborgia Manifesto by Hallidonto
>  Multi-dimensional Cyber Brainwaves by Luciana Haill
> More special guests to be announced


World Premiere 10/12

Hack The Planet 360 Ambisonic

Jack into a psychfi pop culture reference trip with Timothy Leary, Simon Boswell, Revenge Of Calculon, Hackers, Hardware, Ashens, Mr Weeble & Lee Hardcastle.

The multi-award-winning VR experience now as a multi-dimensional audio 360 video.

#HackThePlanet is an immersive trip that will bend and expand your mind. It’s an out of body experience that it is hard not to lose yourself in, but I try and keep an eye out for as much as possible. As the music builds, the circuit boards turn into towers of pure data, and I am truly wow-ed! Live For Films

** To experience immersive 360 video you’ll require a Smartphone & Google Cardboard

Free YouTube 360 Video HERE:

World Premiere 10/12

Hack The Planet 360 ComicCon 2015 VR World RecordSetters

Simon Boswell, Revenge Of Calculon & Ashens break the Google Cardboard VR World Record in 2015.
Dedicated to Elisar Cabrera
PsychFi, Kraked VR, John Holder

** To experience immersive 360 video you’ll require a Smartphone & Google Cardboard

Free YouTube 360 Video HERE:

World Premiere 10/12

TRANSCENDENCE – Techno Shamanic (Rich Mix) 360 Redux

Kimatica Studio & Splice Festival 2018.  A cyberdelic immersive journey through the subconscious mind. Transcendence is a collaborative practice-led research project, combining scientific, anthropological and psychological research with visual arts, interactive technology and live performance.

Kimatica, PsychFi, Freek Pixels

** To experience immersive 360 video you’ll require a Smartphone & Google Cardboard

Free YouTube 360 Video HERE:

PsychFi Top Synth Pick
Action Causes Reaction 360°

The first 360° music video from the Savlonic – Black Plastic Album (Mr Weebl)

** To experience immersive 360 video you’ll require a Smartphone & Google Cardboard

Free YouTube 360 Video HERE:

The Cyberdr0ne ‘Live’ (Secret real-world location) 12/12

With the cyberdelic guru… The MVP (Most Valuable Philosopher) of the 20th Century” Mondo 2000

Roll up! join the others & escape to Cyberia in ‘The CyberDrØne‘ home to the last relics of past & future ‘Hi-Times’ technology before the fall of the Boomtown empire. A cyberdelic eye-popping fourth-dimensional sonic space oddity experience, & virtually meet…“

For one night [invitation only – click here to apply ] only in a secret East End hanger – come gather at a ‘Covid Safe’ cyberphreak happening.

Synthesist 40th Anniversary With Synth Wizard – Harald Grosskopf