Wife, Mother, Robot.   Which is true?

Renata, her husband Jan and their son Kamil live together out of town. One day, Jan finds his wife bruised and their kid in a state of shock. As none of the two can explain what happened, Jan suggests they go to family therapy. Afraid at first, Renata eventually accepts. During the session with the psychologist, Renata informs him that her name is REN and that she is a prototype of artificial intelligence – an error-free, emotive android…

I AM REN delivers a subtle and beautifully shot film, through the eyes of the narrator, Ren, we uncover clues about her android origin everywhere, we are drawn into the madness, the uncertainty of what is human, what is programming.

A very personal story for the director, Ryczkoi, the intimate cinematography is a case study in close-ups and lighting, and the performances are dark and perfect for the piece.

We also screen I’LL BE BACK TOMORROW, a short film by The Summers Brothers.
(Dir: The Summers Brothers, USA, English, 5mins.)

After his partner is woken by an eerie nightmare, a man agrees to investigate a strange noise in their new house. It’s probably nothing.


8.00 PM SUN 13 DEC 2020


Dir: Piotr Ryczko
Country: Poland
Language: Poland(English subtitles)
Year: 2019
Runtime: 75mins

FOLLOWED BY A Q&A with the director and lead actor