A ‘Dickian’ cyberpunk tale based on The Mirror Project by author, Xiao Dun – three generations of genetically modified ‘replicas’ must find a way to survive.

In three woven segments, the film follows A racer Liang, who collapsed after his best friend Jay died in an accident. Intern doctor Tian who falls in love with the boxer Sun, who never won a fight. And finally Ang, the only one who can save Sun.

The androids of this world go from the highly-detailed next-step for mankind with fatefully short lifespans, through to little more than ‘grunts’ performing menial tasks, on finally to trained warriors for show fights for ruthless gamblers.

There is a lot going on in this well-produced Chinese film, pay attention!

7.00 PM WED 9 DEC 2020

Country: China
Language: Chinese (English subtitles)
Year: 2019
Runtime: 85mins