Defiance - Advanced Mission Beta Key giveaway!

Fancy testing your skills an ArkHunter in the Defiance Universe?

We have 10 hot Keys to give away for the Advanced Mission PC beta 2 that begins on Friday 8th 4pm GMT and ends on Monday 11th 5am GMT.

Participants in Advanced Mission Beta 2 will be transported to a futuristic San Francisco bay area, and will take on the role of an Ark Hunter. Part treasure hunter, part mercenary, Ark Hunters are genetically enhanced operatives who are fearless and lethal, dedicated in their mission to recover valuable alien technology and sell it to the highest bidder.

First come first served - if you'd like a beta key, email us with "I wanna be an Ark Hunter" in the subject line!

If you miss out on a SFL key, don't worry, you can always sign up now for a chance to get into the second beta event for PC by visiting the Defiance Beta website.

Defiance - Scrapper Arkfall
This week Trion also launched the Ark Hunter Rewards program for gamers looking to get a head start to their career as an Ark Hunter in Defiance. Numerous six digit alpha/numeric codes have been scattered throughout various game assets released to the public. These codes can be collected and redeemed to unlock 15 different levels of rewards ranging from increased weapon skills to special in-game titles and early access to a vehicle. All rewards will be available at game launch. Sign up now and take part by entering codes you’ve found.

Defiance is scheduled for release on 2nd April 2013, and can be pre-ordered online and at major games retailers in the United Kingdom.

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