Meet the crew of The Fitzroy

If you came to the recent SCI-FI-LONDON: East you would have seen people sporting The Fitzroy T-shirts hanging around the foyer, displaying some fantastic posters and bribing people with apple and custard rock. They were there to promote the Kickstarter campaign they have just launched to make their dark, post apocalyptic comedy feature film. It was an appropriate place to have the launch, given the festival's theme, and the fact that they met through the SCI-FI-LONDON 48 Hour Film Challenge.

For anyone that wasn't at the festival, we sat down and talked with the driving forces behind the film and its campaign. We are always keen to support new British sci-fi, and judging from the quality of their 48 hour shorts and the quality of their Kickstarter rewards, we encourage you to support their campaign, even with a small amount.

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