• Directed by Marc Carreté
  • Starring Andrea Guasch, Joe Manjón
  • UK Premiere
  • 2018 | 82mins | Spain | rated (18)

Sara, a journalist with a keen interest in UFOs, receives a video from a paranormal researcher, talking about a hotspot for landings and sightings. She travels to the forest to meet the researcher and meets the park ranger who tells her of a dark character who lives alone deep in the woods and the abandoned retreat. Soon she discovers the truth about the UFO sightings and must fight for her life.

All-out monster, promising a mesmerising mix of terror and adventureBloody Disgusting

Takes hybridisation to extremely graphic proportions‘ Dread Central

Old school sci-fi horror at its finest, great twists and turns, seat of the pants thrills and some truly gross-out moments.

We are delighted to have the director and cast for a Q&A after the screening.