Dir: Aleem Hossain, 2019, USA, English, 83mins

Near future, Los Angeles is a bleak place: permanent recession, water shortages, and rising crime. Six years ago, Jack abandoned his wife and vanished. Now he’s back because before he left, they’d applied for a visa to immigrate to a better life on an off-world colony. The permit has finally come through, but there’s a catch: it’s a couple’s visa, and Jack cannot leave Earth without his wife. Is Jack back because he wants to make things right or because he needs his wife so he can use this “lottery ticket” to a better life?

Hossain’s debut feature has a vibrant script, satisfying special effects and outstanding performances – the type of film this festival searches for every year.  Don’t miss it.

We are delighted to have the director for a Q&A after the screening.