Artificial Realities Without Boundaries!

Popping up for our 5th happening, come join altered-state pioneers, virtual dreamers, cyberdelic creators, and reality hackers. To transcend the mainstream limitations of perception and reality. In our secret West End hideaway, for three days and by password invite entry only.

“The atmosphere in the room is electric, & captures the latest upsurge in cyberculture..” Oxford University Press 

Take a look at Hackstock [4]

Have you ever tripped on technology? Travelled to another world in your own head? Lost all sense of reality? We’re not talking about dropping acid–just the coded kind–and tripping out on mixed reality, holograms, mind control and more…

SCI-FI-LONDON, in collaboration with PsychFi & Ravensbourne University London: PlayLabZ, HackstockV is giving us just that by making science fiction a reality. Holograms, virtual reality, mind control… sounds like creations of Matrix, Blade Runner and Star Wars proportions… but they exist. HackstockV is bringing these mind-blowing sensory stimulating experiences to you first hand.

With this year’s official mixed reality experience selection, take a blast of LED LSD with Brain Analyser, get into your ninja groove & smash the bass with “Beat Saber”, powered by SubPac.

Experience a real-time holographic “Looking Glass” Mirror, jack into the Magiverse with the freaky pixels of “The All Seeing Eye” & feel it with SubPac.

And come play on our Arcade1UP arcade machines – SPace Invaders, Joust, Defender and more!

“By presenting sci-fi & counter-culture ideas alongside these emerging new technologies,#Hackstock is encouraging questioning, repurposing & dreaming & as we enter a brave newworld of pervasive augmented & mixed realities, that could be a very important thing.” Inner Sound 



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