• Directed by Wen Ren
  • Starring Jue Zhang, Yue Zhang
  • UK Premiere / Mandarin Language (English Subtitles)
  • 2019 | 104mins | China | rated (18)

In a future reliant on solar energy, the world falls into chaos after the sun disappears, the skies are lit only by the stars and the temperature is rapidly dropping; eventually, oxygen on Earth will be exhausted. Yang, a reclusive astronomer, and Mu, a neighbour he hardly knows, must find their way to a supposed sanctuary located in District Four.

Ren’s debut film has a unique take on end of days stories with spectacularly realised special effects showing how different our world, and everything that we take for granted in it, would look in the absence of the Sun.

It is fantastic to see China producing high concept and stylish indie sci-fi, don’t miss this one.