Steven Soderbergh presents “An Overwhelming Sensory Assault”. ScreenAnarchy

  • Directed by Eddie Alcazar
  • Starring Garrett Wareing, Abbie Cornish
  • 2018 | 85mins | USA | rated (18)

It is unclear if the young man (Garrett Wareing) has committed the horrible crime, but his mother (Abbie Cornish) sends him to a luxurious retreat full of beautiful hedonistic people for therapy. He

will receive an experimental treatment to cure his ills and discover his true self. His mother has been there, but does she want to help him become ‘perfect’?

Frenetic editing, soul shocking set-pieces and some eye-popping animation by Kidmograph, PERFECT alternates between calm and chaos, and picks at themes of AI, genetic engineering and esotericism.

With its super-heightened visuals worthy of Gasper Noe, production design that DAZED would find hard to beat and a stunning soundtrack by Flying Lotus, this is ALTERED STATES for the iGeneration.

We are delighted to introduce the topics in the film from a proper science point of view, with a talk by Güneş Taylor.

gunes taylorGüneş is currently a Postdoctoral Training Fellow at the Francis Crick Institute (where she researches animal development using genome editing), but also an extremely talented science communicator and winner of the 2018 Crick Award for Engaging and Inspiring the Public. She is an amazing speaker and will really translate complex topics such as genome editing and human enhancement into clear, engaging and accessible language.  Presented in association with The Biochemical Society.