DEEP DISH APOCALYPSE (Dir: David Codeglia, United States, 8mins, 2018, English).

As a zombie-riddled Los Angeles erupts in chaos, two co-workers bump into each other beneath the city on an abandoned subway platform.

RUST IN PEACE (Dir: Will Welles, United States, 17mins, 2018, English).

An abandoned robot awakens alone in a junkyard and travels home to his creator’s ranch.

HASHTAG (Dir: Ben Alpi, United States, 15mins, 2018, English).

In a looming future where social media celebrities dominate our culture, X is the world’s supreme online icon. But how can X know what’s right and what’s fake?

AJI (Dir: Anastasia Berezovsky, United Kingdom, 10mins, 2018, English).

Maria wakes up a prisoner in Frank’s house and yet seemingly goes along with his demands. Will the exact nature of their relationship be revealed when unexpected guests arrive?

THE HEREAFTER (Dir: Paul-Anthony Navarro, United States, 11mins, 2018, English).

When Alex awakes into an afterlife of her own design, she discovers that her paradise might just be purgatory.

WATCH ROOM (Dir: Noah Wagner, United States, 17mins, 2018, English).

Three scientists working to develop human-friendly artificial intelligence are at risk when the AI learns it might be shut down, and turns the tables on its creators.

MIRACLE DESERT (Dir: Mark Hosack, United States, 13mins, 2019, English).

Area 51 finds would-be criminals, Casper and Henry, with nothing but their wits… or lack thereof… to help them survive before the real danger arrives.

ONE IN HUNDREDS (Dir: Mark Towers, United Kingdom, 9mins, 2017, English).

Daisy explains to her brother the many-universe interpretation of quantum physics, and he thinks it’s utterly ridiculous… in quite a lot of them.

2001: A SPACE ODYSSEX (Dir: Hikaru Tsukuda, Japan, 4mins, 2018, Japanese/English subs).

When some fossilised tissues dug up in the Rift Valley, the archaeologist and his assistant disagree on what they may have been used for.