• Directed by Christopher Soren Kelly
  • Starring Joshua Bitton, Christopher Soren Kelly, Jessica Graham
  • World Premiere w/ Cast & Crew Q&A
  • 2019 | 100mins | USA | rated (18)

In the near future, the TANGLE, an AI with airborne nanotech, connects the world. The Tangle is benevolent; it has stopped crime, keeps us well and safe.  But to make sure it never turns rogue a government agency watches over them from within technology safe rooms, locations impermeable to the nanobots that make up the Tangle.

When field agent Margot Foster is found dead in one of these rooms, the agency needs to investigate the first murder in years.

A brilliant sci-fi noir written and directed by Christopher Soren Kelly (Somnus – at SFL16) and stars Jessica Graham (Crazy Bitches) and Nicole Da Silva (Wentworth)