Cosplay your dog onto the networks of the infobahn and prepare for a battle of concepts, textiles, and belly-rubs.

In association with DOGSTAR PHOTO and ALL DOGS MATTER, we want to help your dog realise their dream of becoming a sci-fi superstar!
Dress to impress. From Chewbacca to a concept so alien it defies description, bribe them with treats and dress up your dog!

Enter your (or your friend’s) dog into our first-ever online dog show! Send in your pictures, and tune in to our live stream to see dogs
dressed as Sci-Fi stars. Who will be this year’s ‘Best in Sci-Fido’!

We are asking for a donation of £5.00 to take part and all the proceeds will go to ALL DOGS MATTER.

To enter you need to:

Deadline for entries is TUESDAY 8th December 2020 and winners will be announced LIVE IN CYBERSPACE by Bunny Galore on Sunday 13th December 2020.

Bunny Galore
Bunny Galore.

All entries will be carefully judged by Festival Director, Louis Savy, TV Presenter Bunny Galore, and Dog Photographer Ian Dogstar.

The winner will receive a professional photoshoot with Dogstar Photo (which will take place outdoors and socially distanced in London) and two runners up will each receive a festival goody-bag.

** If your dog isn’t up for it, please don’t make them! Dogs that look like they’re in distress will be disqualified.**

Don’t forget to share your photos and videos on social media and tag us in!
@scifilondon #dogshow #scifido #sfl2020 @AllDogsMatter

So, plan your costume, dress up and film your model and send us the results via the form below!


Enter your details, your video and make your donation below: