SCI-FI-LONDON was founded in 2000 and our first festival took place in Jan 2002.

Festival Director : Louis Savy

Louis started the festival for selfish reasons, namely to see new, indie, international science fiction film in the cinema.

Nearly 20 years on, he still gets super-excited when our submissions open and the latest material starts flooding in.    Acting as the main contact, programmer and face of the festival, Louis is living the dream 🙂

Festival Producer:  Marta Calderon

Marta joined the festival as a volunteer in 2017 after moving to London from Spain.   She was formally the festival producer for a crazy fantastic festival in A Coruna called FKM.    She has been our producer for the past two years.  She has a brilliant eye for new talent and loves horror and science fiction cinema.

Web Developer:  Shazad Ahmed

Shazad has looked after the festival’s websites for over 8 years now.   Originally he helped to write a backend system for us to manage the site and content, but now oversees our main site, the 48hr dedicated site and helped develop our VOD,

Social Media Guru:  Georgie Knight

Dr Who mad, lover of octopi and all things sci-fi, Georgie looks after our social media presence.

Marketing and Sponsorship Advisor: Mat Braddy

Acting as our main advisor on marketing and fundraising, Mat brings his solid professional gaze to the festival.   Formerly CMO at JustEat and consultant to many start-ups, we are so lucky to have Mat on our team.

Hackstock Curator: James Marks

James’ mission is to bring cutting-edge art and tech to the festival and take our audience on some fantastic trips and experiences.   Founder of PlayLabz and advisor to Ravensbourne, he tunes us in and trips us out!