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chaos on the bridge documentary

Chaos on the Bridge - The Story Behind Star Trek's Next Generation

William Shatner's documentary on the creation of Star Trek: The Next Generation is set to be released on August 3rd in the UK.


Secret Cinema logo

Secret Cinema - EMPIRE STRIKES BACK - Review

SFL's Alex Fitch took a trip to Tatooine to check out the new SW experience, read about it here...


2095 play image sci-fi-london

2095 - A Mind's Odyssey

A new play about those pesky little nanobots comes to London.


ELLIPSE | A short film by Ilana Rein

SCI-FI-LONDON's first short film is now online for your viewing pleasure. Check out our lush high-concept film.


SciFi London - Floating Cinema

The Floating Cinema: Extra-Terrestrial

The Floating Cinema's London programming has been announced!


SciFI London - Maggie

New Maggie Clips

Arnie comes to terms with daughter's impending zombification in this drama, out tomorrow.


SciFi London - Jupiter Ascending

David Vickery on Jupiter Ascending

Double Negative's VFX Supervisor talks us through some of the film's effects. 


SciFi London - Hard to Be a God

Hard to Be a God

The gonzo black and white sci-fi/fantasy epic is in limited release 7th August.