SCI-FI-LONDON would like to thank the team who helped the event and operation.

Founder and Festival Director:  Louis Savy

Festival Producer: Marta Calderon Quiñones
Programming: Marta Calderon Quiñones / Louis Savy

Marketing: Wilde Davis

PR: Wez and Keir at Strike Media

Outreach Team: Kevin Scott
Social Media Jedi: Georgie Knight

Staff Manager: Ann Palomares

2023 Poster Design: Filippo Di Battista

Hackstock Curation: James Marks, Marius Matesan

Panel Border Curation: Alex Fitch

Thomas Atherton
Henry Chebaane
Chee Keong Cheung
Niels Stevens
Rachel and Ayrton Harper
Peter Vlachos
Jonathan Cowie
Robert Grant
Suzanne Gorman

All the management and staff at our venues

All our volunteers – you folk are amazing!

And many more who haven’t been listed here.