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SCI-FI-LONDON only accepts paperless entries submitted via

Click to then follow instructions to apply online.

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About submitting

Submitting to SCI-FI-LONDON costs BUT the earlier you submit the cheaper it is.

If you have submitted in the past and been accepted to the festival, having your film shown in any edition of the festival, we are happy to grant you a fee waiver for new submissions. Please contact us for details.

It is a simple process.  Join, and submit your movie via an online screener.  We watch it and if we think it fits the line-up then it is in!

We do not normally have a budget to bring cast, crew, producers, or directors to London but we do have beer, candy, and goodies and we have been told our festival is one of the friendliest in the world! If you can make it to the live festival events let us know, you will be very welcome.

If you have had a feature film at the festival in the past, please also ask us about a waiver!

So, send us your movie!


Short film sweet spots for us is between 1 and 15 minutes. However, it is not unusual that we screen longer films.

We like to show a selection of good 5-8 minute films in a programme, rather than three 25-minute films, but it all depends on the feel of the show.


Ok, your film is 62mins or more. We do not screen features less than this unless they are documentary, and then we will want a panel talk etc. 

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