Terry Pratchett (1948-2015)

Sir Terry Pratchett (1948-2015)

Britain's best-loved fantasy writer and brilliant satirist Terry Pratchett passes away.

Design our next DVD cover...

Budding designer or seasoned pro?  We need your input to get a new DVD cover and poster

London Book & Screen Week, April 13th-19th 2015

The First London Book & Screen Week Is In April

The capital’s biggest ever celebration of books, and the films, TV and games they’ve inspired, unveils its inaugural programme of events.


New Tomorrowland Trailer

Let George Clooney guide you through a strange future land... a Tomorrowland

New Look at Avatar Land - SciFi London

New Look at Avatar Theme Park

You're not in Kansas any more, you're on Pandora (well... Florida)!

Game of Thrones | Sci-fi-London

GoT steel?

If there is one thing that winds up Blacksmiths it's inaccuracy.  Get the lowdown here...

Portal Dailymotion - SciFi London


Portal is a new series about virtual reality, coming exclusively to Dailymotion.

Selfless trailer - SciFi London

Self/Less Trailer

Ben Kingsley's brain in Ryan Reynolds' body... what could go wrong?