micro-budget filmmaking

2.00 – 5.30PM

Followed by networking
in the Cinema Bar





Anyone entering the 48hour film challenge who registers before 16th June will have a 30 day Adobe CC trial account to include 100gb storage and full use of FRAME.IO and the camera to cloud features!

We also have licences for the amazing MOVE.AI mocap software that works on your phone!

Sign up now folks and shoot like a pro!

Ready to tackle your first micro-budget action or sci-fi feature?

Join us for an exclusive workshop with industry experts who have mastered the art of cost-effective yet captivating genre cinema.

Gain invaluable advice on script-writing, production techniques, and post-production wizardry.  Learn how workflow tools can stretch your budget, where to find affordable resources, and how to collaborate effectively. We will discuss production design, marketing, targeting your movie, and the dark art of distribution!

Approach this workshop as a step up from making a short film and consider it similar to participating in our 48-hour film challenge.

The drive and energy required to make a zero-budget short film in a weekend are crucial when aiming for a micro-budget feature. The same mindset can help you keep it simple, plan in advance, and leave no room for egos, extensive re-shoots, or costly and unrealistic effects.

Adobe will be presenting an ‘interactive’ overview of end-to-end walkthrough of Frame Camera2Cloud and editing / finishing in Creative Cloud.

Together with Action Xtreme, the UK’s pioneering action label, we aim to develop new talent and micro-budget feature films.

MOVE.AI will be showing how easy it is to use a couple of iphones to create high quality MoCap  assets that can drop into your favourite software – it’s amazing to see.

Followed by networking in the bar and Hackstock’s multi-media hub, there is a lot of tech and a lot of inspo!

We will review all the films completed in the upcoming 48-hour challenge, searching for teams that could create a micro-budget feature financially supported by Action Xtreme.

Everyone is welcome to attend, whether you’re a short-film veteran, seasoned 48-hour challenger, or a newbie. We would love for you to sign up for the 48-hour film challenge, but either way, come and listen to the experts.

Speakers include:

  • Chee Keong Cheung –  producer, director, Action Xtreme
  • Beau Fowler – writer, director and action choreographer
  • Ross Cohen – Producet specialist, MOVE.AI
  • Ryan Mercier – Consultant and trainer, Target 3D
  • Alexander Snelling – Video post production consultant and editor., Adobe
  • Ed Douglas – VFX supervisor and animator, EJD Studios

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