“I haven’t touched anyone in forever, I don’t even know what human beings smell like any more”

LIVE presents us with a world where public gatherings of any kind are forbidden due to the highly increased risk of terrorist attacks.

No more bars, supermarkets, theatre – all public and cultural life has stopped. Live concerts are played without audiences in empty venues and broadcast via a VR platform. Everyone is forced to exist in isolation.

Drawn by the desire for ‘actual contact’ with other people, Claire (Karoline Marie Reinke), starts planning a secret concert together with her brother Aurel (Anton Spieker), a famous trumpet player who has spent years only performing in front of virtual audiences.

Their plan needs the help of two hackers Ada (Sonja Dengler) and Maximus (Corbinian Deller), who can try to bypass constant government surveillance.

This is a science fiction film, a thought-experiment like a lot of good science fiction, but it is eerily familiar and feels almost like a documentary of the past few months.

8.00 PM, TUE 8 DEC 2020


Dir: Lisa Charlotte Friederich
Country: Germany
Language: German (English subtitles)
Year: 2020
Runtime: 84mins