Festival Director: Louis Savy
Festival Producer: Marta Calderón Quiñones
Programmers: Louis Savy and Marta Calderón Quiñones
Social Media Jedi: Georgie Knight
Staff Wrangler: Ana Palomares
Production assistant: André Fonseca

As is typical in the printed festival programme, we would like to thank
our friends and supporters for helping the festival this year. In no order, but deserving of a special mention are:

Adee for the spray
Rachel & Steve
Kevin Scott
Kevi ScottThomas Atherton
Nic Brama for our lovely poster
David Lally
Rachel Harper at SciFiNow
Alex Fitch for those excellent Q&As
The staff at Picturehouse Stratford
The 48hr challenge jurors
Suzanne Gorman
Tom Hunter

Lorraine Savy
Amanda Roberts
Marek Stevens
Johanna at MFF
Dominic Voyce
Strike Media, Wez Merchant
All the people who pushed their films our way.
Our lovely sponsors and partners
And all the festival volunteers – couldn’t do it without them.

Sure we have stupidly forgotten a few and of course there are those who, quite rightly, wish to remain anonymous – we thank you all!